Location - In person event ONLY (no virtual sessions)

Forskningsgången 4, 417 56 Göteborg the left-most entrance of Kårhus Lindholmen.

The closest hotel is Radisson Blu Riverside. But there are also several hotels on the same riverbank within walking distance.
If you cross the river to the "city"-side, the hotel selection is fairly big. And that's just a bus/boat ride away...

Physical event only

This event is an in-person conference. There will be no virtual sessions or recording of this event, so make sure you plan to attend physically.

Transportation - To Gothenburg

Your closes airport is Landvetter. It has a fair amount of flights, so that should be good.
Trains is also an option, specially if you come from (or land in) another city. There are even good train transport between Gothenburg and Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark.
Some visitors have gone by plane to Kastrup and then to Gothenburg with https://www.sj.se or https://www.oresundstag.se/
Airport buses: Get your ticket from https://www.flygbussarna.se/landvetter

Transportation - In Gothenburg

The public transportation company in Gothenburg is Västtrafik (https://www.vasttrafik.se)
The venue is close to the bus stop Lindholmen
If you choose to arrive by boat, you should go to Lindholmspiren
There is public parking nearby. Payment with credit card or in the Göteborgs Parkering App.

General Information

Lunch will be arranged at the venue. Depending on sponsors there could be a small cost for the lunch. More information about this will be presented closer to the event.